27 août 2010

C'est la rentrée fashion sur Do it in Paris !

Hey guys ! Les vacances sont finies ?
Pas de souci, on va compenser la peine en se ruant sur les fashion tendances de la rentrée !
J'ai un appétit fou, pas vous ?

A très vite sur ce blog, en attendant je vous laisse avec mon look favoris sur Do it in paris.com , sapée en Isabel Marant of course, version "rockabilly" ...

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Je m'appelle Cynthia a dit…

Tres chic ... love the look. Some looks always come back and back again. Everything old is new again, as the saying goes.

Soraia Mendes a dit…

Hello :)
I'm portuguese and I love yout blog and your illustrations. You really make good work.

I apologize for my bad english but i'm still learn.

Your style is wonderful, in Portugal is rare see fashion people but sometimes i see, for example in big citys : Lisbon, Porto and others.

The Fashion Cloud a dit…

ahhh j'adore!!!


M* a dit…

Ohh J'adore Paris!
I wish I could go back :D <3

Anonyme a dit…

oh oui le slim rouge marrant, je l'adore :)

Roxana a dit…

hey, i so love your work!! your illustrations made my day yesterday, it was a grey one...:) so, i made a post on my blog with your illustrations, if it's some kind of problem with copyright please let me know. you can see it here:

please continue what you're doing, you're doing it so great!

A bientot,

Anni a dit…

Hey! I don't understand most of the stuff on our blog as I don't speak French but I still adore it. I wish I could draw like that. I can never get enough of your beautiful drawings!! Good luck with everything :)

Kathleen a dit…

Oh il y a ma petite veste adorée chez Isabelle marant.
Et les ravissantes baskets compensées ! ;p

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